Ron's career as a knife maker began in 1970 when he made his first knife from scrap metal in highschool shop class. Although crude by today's standards, it was a worker.

Ron's love of knives and his knowledge of knifemaking has grown ever since. His greatest satisfaction is placing his work into the hands of those that truly appreciate handmade knives.

"My goal is to always make the best knife that can be made by man and machine. A knife that looks, feels, and functions like a fine tool should.

As a member of the (ABS) American Bladesmith Society, I strive to keep up to date with the latest steels that might improve overall blade performance. I work with Stainless, high carbon, and make my own Damascus. All my blades except stainless steel are hand forged. All knives are sold complete with a custom fitted heavy leather sheath."  


You can read more about Ron and his knives at the Missouri Conservation Dept.


The love of outdoors isn't resticted to just Ron. This is a whole family affair. You can tell his beautiful daughter, Samantha, is a first class hunter herself.


Ron's daughter, Lacey, is part of the business as well, doing all the leather work.

(Hey Boys! before you rush to the phone, just remember what Lacey's dad does for a living ... not to mention his hobbies.)

Ron Duncan
ABS Journeyman Smith